Rébecca Brunet /

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2017 / Co-founding of a micro publishing house : Dautzenberg Press

2017 / Co-founding of a collective independant web-radio : RADIO MONOBLOC

2016 / L'Oeil d'Or, publishing house, Paris (FR)

2015 / Speculoos, graphic design agency, Brussels (BE)



MFA in graphic design at KASK School of Arts (Gent) under the mentoring of Jurgen Maelfeyt & Dirk Deblauwe.

Thesis mentored by Stijn Van Rossem / Formatting non-linearity : Typography as a structural context for multi-linear fiction.


First Master's degree in visual arts, editorial design and typography at École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels


Bachelor in visual arts, editorial design and digital arts at École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels


The Inhabitants

Master Project : 84 p. book / video installation / editing platform, 2016

The script relies on a process of gathering, fictionalization and disturbance of existing objects, aiming to discover their potential ways of survival and possible interrelations, by the use of a multi-linear narrative system. The movie based on the script transforms these objects into narrative peaks, solitary acmes that are to be edited using the same non-linear system.

Nouvelles cartes

Dans cet empire reconstitué, work in progress, 2017

Un bâti remarquable

Photography, work in progress, 2017


w/ J. Zion, 2017

I. Fabriquer un moule II. Tester les matériaux III. Monter les plans


Ten plaster noses, 12 p. book, 2014